Nerd crafters, I thank you.

Hey Sunday Projecteers!

Holy heck I’ve missed you! Life has been quite  busy since the last post. My move to Seattle was beautifully executed and things are just peachy. If you aren’t already, you can follow the adventure that is this life change on my shared blog Nerds On The Move. Hopefully all has been well and that you are ready for some more fun crafty posts and projects, there are plenty in the works and will be coming soon.

This past weekend, one of my dreams came true and I couldn’t be more excited. Being that I now live in Seattle, I was able to attend Geek Girl Con 2012 which I have been wanting to go to since they had their inaugural convention in 2011. If it isn’t already apparent, or if it just simply has not been explained, I am a nerdy, geeky, space loving, Wes Anderson and Paul Thomas Anderson movie watching, Instagramming, crocheting, crafting, running obsessed, bookworm, awesomesauce lady. Hence, I needed to go to Geek Girl Con 2012. Simply put, it is a convention that is the “celebration of the female geek.” There were panels and presentations on all things nerd/geek including SPACE! and the women and girls that make then super amazing. Truly a great weekend.

What most impressed me this weekend, being a crafter, was the incredible amount of crafters and what they can do! Seriously, you guys, there are a wonderful number of crafters out there, and some that specialize in nerd/geek paraphernalia. I was tickled pink by all of their creations, and most jealous of others abilities. Luckily, I am not shy and I asked questions about perfecting my amigurumi skills, and what is the best product to use when creating pendants. Thank you to those who took the time to share their skill and thoughts. Also, thanks a whole bunch of bunches for strutting your stuff and displaying your crafts. It’s nice to see that most can make a living from what used to be a hobby. I wanted to take the time in this post to highlight my favorites from this weekend. I found them to be truly creative and magical. I hope you do too.

Amanda Lien is a 2d production artist and showcased a series of My Little Pony prints that are sure to make anyone laugh, and quite frankly kick ass.

Steph Cortes is a crocheter, and needlepoint artist that made the BEST amigurumi I have ever had the chance to lay eyes on. So many varieties and just fun snarky work. If I had to choose a fave, she would be it. Not only for her craftiness, of which I am jealous, but also because she super loved my outfit and told me that. I appreciate it lady!

Mike Dipetrillo is an illustrator/painter who does creepy, cool, depictions of various characters in all kinds of settings. I just loved the sarcasm, whimsical creative feel of all the works. Truly artistic and fabulous.

Dorklandia was another super amigurumi booth. Super cute “squishy’s”. I must have one!

T.M. Originals had some killer steampunk jewelry. I have a crush on steampunk jewelry and was rather impressed with their works.

And, if you enjoy some real off the wall, obscene, hilarious art and crafts like I do to the max, then you will love ShowerArt. Frakking hysterical! Go see it, really, do it.

This weekend was just great and had so many crafts! Yay! Crafts! Please go and check out the above artists and their work. They put lots of time and effort into what they do and it needs to be appreciated! Nerd crafting lives!!! Also, look forward to some upcoming projects here on the blog. I’m (just about) back kids.

Happy Sunday Projecting!




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