Another Picture Display!

Ahoy there Sunday Projecteers!

I trust everyone had a good Valentine’s Day. If you celebrate it, that is. I know most people are under the belief that it is very much a Hallmark Holiday and that we should tell each other everyday that we love each other. I too fall into that category and never choose to make a big deal out of the day. This year, dAVE and I decided to exchange Valentine’s Day gifts but we decided that they needed to be $10 and under. It was fun picking out little trinkets and seeing what silly thing I could get him. Of course as always, dAVE goes over the budget. I’m definitely not complaining but maybe one of these days he will follow the rules of the gift budget.

I posted this picture  a couple of weeks ago on my Instagram, as I came home to the surprise sitting on my dresser.

If you can't read it, it states "This box has a mystical and ancient spell on it that does not allow it to be opened until Feb 14th, 2013. Do not open till then. =)"

If you can’t read it, it states “This box has a mystical and ancient spell on it that does not allow it to be opened until Feb 14th, 2013. Do not open till then. =)”

Naturally, I wanted to open it ASAP. But, I was a good girl and waited. So, when the magical and ancient spell was broken I opened it and found two awesome things. One was a pair of Day of The Dead style earrings. I have a thing for Day of The Dead style/type/genre things and I love them. The second thing was a really fun way to display pictures. Birds on a Wire.

IMG_1722I find that this is such a fun way to display photos in your home or office. Typically you string the “wire” horizontally, but I chose to see what it would be like vertical. Ever since dAVE received his Instax mini camera for his birthday we have had the most fun taking pictures with it, but there are so many. This is a perfect way to display them! Take a look for yourself! Maybe you will find some Birds on a Wire in your possession some day soon!

IMG_1725 IMG_1727 IMG_1726

*Please note that Fred and Friends did not pay me any bit of money to promote their product, or to even say that it is awesome. I just feel that way on my own*


The gift of inspiration

Hi Sunday Projecteers!

I most certainly have been MIA but it’s not without good reason. The holiday season took over, winter has hit Seattle, I’ve been persistently trying to finish a 1000 page book, and I’m training again for a race. I have missed my crafty days, ideas and projects. Have no fear! There are some brewing and boiling in this brain of mine for me to share in the near future, but for now I search for projects easily available to me and am loving the ability to try other creative things!

I trust everyone had an enjoyable holiday season, I know mine was most fun. It was my first here in Seattle and the first away from family. dAVE and I exchanged gifts this year, last year we did not, but this year decided why the heck not?

I got a most special gift, one that was very thoughtful, and one that has given me the confidence that something I enjoy doing has not been lost. What is it  you ask? Well, it is a stunningly beautiful cedar  Sketch Box French easel from Julian. The smell alone is incredible. Not to mention it has a “drawer” for my paints and brushes (so happy they will be out of the pit that is the craft bin!), cleaning cloth, replacement nuts and bolts, a paint panel, and super cool carrying case. I can take tis easel anywhere and with ease, and that is pretty awesome. I had mentioned a while ago how I wanted an easel, I’m getting tired of hunching over my desk or table to paint, not to mention my shoulders and back are thankful. And now, I have one. I can’t wait to use it outside in better weather. For now, its assembled and displayed with pride, awaiting my next creation. Each time I see it, it reminds me that along with running, and reading, painting and crafting is my therapy. My inspiration has been restored!

Canvas Magnets

Happy day after Thanksgiving Sunday Projecteers!

I trust that everyone’s turkey day, or non-turkey day, went well and that everyone is fully ready to dive into The Holiday season! Also, a big wish that everyone has survived Black Friday, that no one was hurt, and your wallets do not have holes in them. With that said, I recently was lurking around a personal favorite website Craftgawker to see some inspiring crafts and to try a new project of someone else’s. If you enjoy being crafty and have not seen this website, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!?! Kidding, but seriously, you have to see it. It is what I like to call the Pintrest of the crafting world. Beautiful ideas, tutorials and so much more are on this site. I highly recommend it.

I found a great and easy craft that allows for simplicity or complexity for your refrigerator! Mini canvas magnets. The tutorial I used is from a great blog called The Sweetest Occasion. Once I saw the post, I knew this was the project I wanted to do. So, I got myself bundled up and strolled on down to the craft store and picked up my supplies. Once at home I spread out on the floor and had a great time making the magnets. I learned something, which is always beneficial, and created some art for my fridge! What I loved most about this project, is that it gives me a chance to be on the other side of the tutorial, to see essentially what I think my readers are doing.

This is magnet project is fantastic and I recommend it for all ages. Your creations will be fun, and everyone makes the fridge!

See my magnets and process in the gallery below, and be sure to check out the full tutorial for canvas magnets here!

Shadowbox Picture Frame

What’s up Sunday Projecteers!

Before we moved to Seattle, dAVE’s parents gave us a set of two shadowbox picture frames for our new place. It was super nice of them, and of course being who I am, thought I would turn them into a fun project. So, I did! It took a little bit to think of something that would be easy enough, but also awesome enough to put up in the house. What the stroke of genius happened to be was on dAVE’s birthday when he got this super cool Instax mini camera. It is just like the old days of Polaroid, but with small fun pics. Once we started using the camera, I thought of the best idea for the shadowbox.  You too, can create a fun shadowbox picture frame with this brief tutorial, or use the shadow box to keep fun little trinkets, notes, etc. The ideas are endless!

For this Sunday Project you will need:

  • Shadowbox picture frame (these can be found at craft stores, Target, frame stores, just about anywhere)
  • craft paint
  • craft paper to cover your space
  • paintbrushes
  • elastic string
  • small screw eyes
  • tape
  • pictures, drawings, toys, anything you want to put in the shadowbox

The shadowbox that was given to us was a dark maple color to start, and we have chosen a black frame theme in the house to go with our bedding and such. So, I chose to paint the frame black to match the rest of the house. I disassembled the frame until it was just the frame and the glass (I would have removed it but it was in there pretty good.) 

This is before I painted it. Make sure you cover your space and take your time when painting. Also helps to have paper towels on hand for when you smudge a bit on the glass like I did! Of course, let the frame dry completely before moving on. This will also help if you need to paint a second coat. I also chose to paint the backing of the frame that covers it. It was brown before, but I wanted a solid black background. You can choose to paint your however you want, if at all.

If you are choosing to hang pictures inside the box, this is when you will need the screw eyes. 

Screw them into place on the inside of the frame like below. If you do not have the convenience of a padding built within your shadow box, lightly hammer the screw eyes in. 

When complete, they should look like this right into front of your  shadowbox window panes.

The next step is to cut your elastic string (this is most commonly found in a beading section or jewelry making section of the art store) to the right length. I eyeballed what I thought my length would be, then cut a piece and tested it among the panes. I then made sure to cut the same length another three times. In order for the photos to hang, you can punch a hole, or like I did, tape the string to the back. For me, my photos cannot be hole punched, so I taped the back like so…

Now you are ready to tie the string to the eye and see your pictures hang! This is probably the trickiest of the tasks. Carefully tie the string and test the length of hang of the picture. This may take several tries to get it just how you want it. This will also allow you to test, if the picture will hang properly or not. If it is not tied right the picture will want to turn backwards and you will only see the back of it when the frame is closed and up! You don’t want that! 

Once all of your pictures or other objects are hanging close the frame and check out your craftiness! Be sure everything is hanging how you want it, and then hang it! Here is mine before being hung up…

Pardon me for getting in the shot!

And here it is on the wall…

Hooray! You are finished. This was a great project and a fun way to display all kinds of treasures. I also like the endless feeling the shadow box gives and the idea that those photos, just might be defying gravity! You can put all kinds of things into a shadow box, and maybe for my next one I might use paper flowers. I would love to see all the cool shadow boxes you create. Also, let me know how the project worked for you, or didn’t??

Until then, Happy Thanksgiving Projecteers and Happy Sunday Projecting!

A simple fall wreath

Happy Sunday, Projecteers!

Welcome Autumn! Hooray! The temperature dropped rather quickly up here in Seattle, with temps not reaching above 70 for the last two weeks. Cold chilly nights, wind, exciting crisp mornings and just absolutely stunning trees and leaves. This my friends is no problem, I love fall weather. And with fall weather comes fun fall, end of year crafts!

I made this simple wreath at the beginning of October, and actually forgot to make a post about it! So here it is….

For this project you will need:

  • grapevine wreath (found at most craft or floral stores) any size you’d like
  • fall colored leaves (fake are best, they will last longer and don’t stink)
  • pheasant feathers
  • hot glue
  • glue gun

Everything you need can be seen here.

I chose to use a smaller wreath given our door size. Any size you choose will be great.

The next steps are super simple. Once the glue gun is ready to go, just make your way around the wreath and glue on the leaves! Thats it. Seriously. I went around and did the darker leaves and alternated them with the red leaves first for the base layer, and finished off with the yellow leaves. ONe the leaves are placed how you want them, you can place the feathers in the wreath. I did so by adding some glue to a part under a leaf and then sticking the feather in. This way it stays tight and won’t fall off.


All in all this project took me less than a hour, and now I have a fun festival wreath to have through November! Here is my finished project…

Hope everyone is enjoying the beauty of fall, and I look forward to the next project: carving pumpkins! Yay!

Happy Sunday Projecting!


The pursuit of being a nail artist

Hey there Sunday Projecteers!

I have, for as long as I can remember, been a nail bitter. And there fore have been unable to grow long nice nails and paint them fun colors and things. I have even tried having acrylics put on, but alas, I bit those off too. Not so tasty, and probably one of the most painful things, ever. So about a month ago, I told myself I would be a nail bitter no more! I want to grow healthy nails that can take fun colors, and have fun designs, and I want to be able to do them myself. Say whhhhaaaaattttt?!?!?! Yep, I want to be able to take care of my own nails and have them look as if I paid someone to do it. I do like to indulge in the occasional pedicure, and if I’m feeling like it, I will add on a basic manicure, but I really want to spend my money elsewhere. Like on tons of nail polish! Which, I feel like I have been doing for a while now, I just never use it as much as I should. I have a collection of colors and sparkles, I’ve got whose-its and whats-its galore, and now I will use them.

So, I have grown out my nails and not bit them once! Every time I find myself wanting to bite, I smack those fingers down and day dream about how awesome my nails will be. I’ve done fun designs before and fun color schemes. I’ll have to do it again, but my dinosaur nails were the best I think. Last week I was sporting some black and orange nails, and I kept getting asked “Are you a big Halloween fan?” and although I do enjoy Halloween, my response has been, “I’m a San Francisco Giants fan!” Which thank goodness no one seems to care about baseball up here in Seattle, because I’m pretty sure if I were to wear some red and gold, I’d regret it.

But so I begin my pursuit of being an at home nail artist, for my own fun and enjoyment. I plan to add photos to this post often so you can see what I come up with, and maybe even do a tutorial once and a while, although I’m not sure my nail art skills are what should be teaching the world. Take a look at this weeks design!

Awesome Watermelons! Or are they Strawberries???

Happy Sunday Projecting!

Learning from clay charms.

Hey Sunday Projecteers!

Like most craft obsessed individuals like myself, we are always looking for inspiration, the next best craft, and in my case I am always looking for a new method of doing crafts. For a while now I have wanted to do a post on clay jewelry as it is so so simple and you can make such fun pieces. While brainstorming for this idea, I came across this lovely gem of a post by a fellow blogger on some cute stamped clay pieces. So before I really delved into the world of clay jewelry I thought I would try making some simple charms this past weekend to see how it went. *note: I read the post and followed the blogger’s instructions, this is not my original idea and in no way am I trying to make it mine*

Since moving to Seattle I have had to find a new home to get all of my crafty goodness. I have found a couple of stores, but I’m sure there are more to unearth in the coming months. The tutorial suggests using Sculpey clay, craft paint, stamps, and Mod Podge. I was not able to find rubber stamps, but I did find awesome metal “cookie” cutters made specifically for clay stamping. I grabbed them as I’m sure I will use them for another craft sometime soon.

The project took me a few hours, as you have to bake the pieces for appropriate times, and let everything cool and dry. It was a fun and easy project and I definitely learned some new tricks for when I make my next round of clay jewelry. For instance, I hadn’t even thought about using paint the highlight the stamped images! Brilliant! However, mastering this tricky step is brutal! You can see in some of my charms that I had a rough time with not smudging the paint and they look “dirty”. This really made me upset about the charms and how they turned out, I was going to throw them away! But, after staring at them for a while, it came to me that it will just be their personality and I think I’ve figured out a better way for myself to do that step for next time. This project also was a little special this time around, as it is the first since my craft funk, and I was able to get something out of it. It sparked some imagination and creativity. I needed that and hope it sticks around.

So, now it is time to truly indulge in crafting as there are so many projects for fall to get to! Please take the time to browse Make It and Love It as there are some really cool and fun things to see. And thank you for the awesome charms tutorial.

You can see my steps and finished product in the photos below. Happy Sunday Projecting!